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Mars Hotel, just like the Grateful Dead, delivers on the promise that community, meaningful songs and amazing musicianship create lasting, memorable moments. 

Each member of Mars Hotel is a lifelong fan of the Grateful Dead and each has a personal connection to the band’s music. For a few, the Dead’s music was passed down from an older sibling, while others can recount personal stories of following the band on the road. The members of Mars Hotel revel in the Grateful Dead’s story, the band members’ personalities and their incredible musicianship. That’s probably why audience members say that Mars Hotel inspires such fond memories of the Grateful Dead.

The musical tone each night is set by the rhythm section, which features dual drum kits manned competently by the Lampert brothers. They play a mean 'Drumz'. Jordan Lampert, the eldest of the brothers, counts Jerry Garcia as one of his heroes, while Lorne is a professional music educator by day.


Jake Sadikman, Mars Hotel’s towering bass player, delivers his notes from a graphite-necked Modulus, the same model bass used by the Grateful Dead’s Phil Lesh. Like Phil, Jake adds rich texture to the sound through a strong yet fluid and melodic bottom end. You can often catch Jake sweating as he pours over his instrument, sweatband and all.

Creating, emulating, or even performing the work of Jerry Garcia is no easy task but Mars Hotel has two very accomplished players who seamlessly blend together the complex lead and rhythm guitar parts so integral to the “Dead” sound. Larry Feldman and Mark Arbus share the role of Garcia and Weir setting the stage for extensive jamming and musical exploration. If just playing wasn't enough, Larry belts out the vocals and Mark delivers harmonic support while the pair deliver soul lifting solos.

Fans have raved about their unique performances because like the Dead, they play different songs at each show.  They also work with an artist and projectionist to incorporate the imagery of the songs they play. Mostly, fans are impressed by the commitment the band brings to interpreting the music of their heroes, but you’ll immediately get that when you hear a band comprised of great friends who have been playing together and apart, in one form or another, for the past 25 years.

Mars Hotel have made the music of The Grateful Dead their own. And, as the lyric suggests, the music has never stopped.
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